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Noelene and her Inspired Spirit coaching and business mentor, Sandy Forster at Sandy’s live event The Secrets To Money And Success in Melbourne.


You know how your life isn’t always as you would like it to be in all areas?  Well what I do to solve your problem is partner with you in coaching to support you to reach your goals by giving you tools, strategies and ongoing accountability. Inspirations Life Coaching is a global, virtual business, so it makes no difference what country you live in, as all of our coaching time together is by telephone or skype.

My clients have have quickly formulated and achieved their desired goals when working with me.  You can take a look at what they say by clicking on this link below or just visit the testimonials page on this site.


Thanks for finding and visiting the home of InspirationsLifeCoaching.com  My name is Noelene Dwyer-Leishman and I’m your life balance coach.   I invite you to take a look around my site.

I hope you enjoy watching the two videos Success In Life and Live The Life You Love that I have chosen for you.  They are just a little further down the page and in the right hand column.  Just click on the play button for an instant dose of inspiration.

My quick six word recipe for your success – belief, decision, focus, action, commitment and persistence.  Each day really does come bearing gifts, just untie the ribbons.

I invite you to join my community by filling out your details at the top of the right hand  column, and in return you will immediately receive my special report:  THE BASIC RECIPE FOR LIVING THE LIFE YOU LOVE, as an instant download.  Your details will never be shared with anyone else as I value and respect my community members privacy.

This report is valued at $17, but is yours for FREE when you sign up and join the Inspirations community.   It is packed full of great tips to get you on the right path to living your best life.

In the future, I will also add a regular complimentary inspiring newsletter to my valued community members.  I know you will just love all the great information in my report, so make sure you tell your friends and family that they too can join my community and receive their own copy for FREE.

InspirationsLifeCoaching.com is all about stretching yourself to become the best that you can be in all areas of your life but especially around acheiving success and transformational change using my 12 session Inspired To Success coaching program.

Remember that you are the key to your own success, and your success is my goal.  If you believe that your vision will work, you will see opportunities.  If you believe that your vision won’t work, you will see obstacles.  I look forward to getting to know you and partnering with you in  coaching sometime soon.

Here is a great list to start focusing on:

*  Free your heart from hatred

*  Free your mind from worry

*  Live simply

*  Give more

*  Expect less

If you want happiness, then share happiness with all those who you meet

If you want peace, then live a peaceful life

If you want love, then give love freely from your heart

If you want joy, then give joy to others

If you have wealth in any area, be generous and share with others freely

If you give something away, consider it a gift and expect nothing in return

If you have little, then give freely from your heart


Watch your thoughts, as thoughts become words,

Watch your words, as words become actions,

Watch your actions, as actions become habits,

Watch your habits, as habits become character,

Watch your character, for it will become your destiny – Author Unknown


Inspired Blessings,



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