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Your feelings of today are attracting your tomorrow.  Negative emotions attract more negatives into your life.  Positive emotions attract more positives into your life.  You have an insider job to accomplish.  To have your world change, all you need to do is change your feelings on the inside.  Simple – try it, persevere with it and see what happens.


To quickly change your life for the better, use gratitude to shift your energy. Putting all your energy into being truly grateful will see wonderful things come into your life. Commit to writing at least 10 things down in your gratitude journal every day until you start to see change. FEEL the gratitude, as the power is actually in this FEELING that you put into the words of gratitude.


Self talk can either empower or disable you.  We have conversations with ouvselves all the time.  Catch yourself when your words are negative, critical and harsh, then deliberately choose statements that are positive and supportive to the desired outcome.  Remember that your feelings are monitoring your thoughts. 

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