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This website and blog is all about Life Balance Coaching, using the Law of Attraction principles to increase your success in all areas, and to be the best you possible.  You will find new articles posted regularly on the blog page, so please take a look.  http://InspirationsLifeCoaching.com/blog
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Why not partner with me in Life Balance Coaching?  You can find out more information on the coaching page, just click on the coaching page above.   I have an amazing twelve week coaching program called Inspired To Success® that focuses on all areas of your life.  I highly recommend this particular coaching progam, it really can be transformational.
Come and get to know me, what does Noelene do?
I  support inspired women to design and create the life of their dreams – Does this sound like something that you need?  Do you want to achieve balance in all areas of your life? Do you want to be the best you possible?  Who wouldn’t?
Inspired greetings to you. My name is Noelene Dwyer.  I’m a women’s spritual life coach who loves to coach women around acheiving more balance in their life then designing and creating the life of their dreams. 
This is achieved using the Inspired To Success® 12 week coaching program, where we  focus on all areas of your life using a life balance wheel.   The Law of Attraction, personal development and creating greater prosperity is my passion, I just love it.
  • I’m a mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend
  • I’m also a midwife and maternal and child health nurse.  Babies and animals are my other passions, so I invite you to take a look at my other website www.PregnancyBirthAndParenting.com
  • I’m a Life Coach certified with the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy
  • I’m a Hypnobirthing® Educator, certified wth the Hypnobirthing® Institute.
  • And a baby massage instructor
  • And a published author – Sprout Wealth (2009)
  • My greatest claim to fame are my three amazingly beautiful and talented children – Tristan, Kate & Christopher
  • I can give you lots of information on creating the life of your dreams
  • How can I do this?  Through coaching using universal laws – you’re invited to come on an amazing journey with me
  • I can coach you around all areas of your life using the 12 week Inspired To Success® coaching program.  I have a special interest in the areas of prosperity, abundance and success
  • If you would like to learn more about me, please stay on my site and have a look around


Noelene Isabel Dwyer –  daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother of three amazing children, living an hour north of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria which is the southern most state on the east coast of the mainland of beautiful Australia.
Noelene took the challenge to expand her role and make a shift from her comfort zone of women’s health, to work in a completely different area, which she is deeply passionate about – coaching using universal laws.  Certified through the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy, and trained and mentored by world renowned prosperity and business mentor Sandy Forster.
Noelene’s professional achievements include:
Certified Life Coach – Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy
Master of Midwifery  – RMIT University (Victoria, Australia)                                                    
Graduate Diploma in Midwifery – RMIT University (Victoria, Australia)
Graduate Diploma in Child And Family Health Nursing  – RMIT University (Victoria, Australia)
Bachelor of Nursing – La Trobe University (Victoria, Australia)
Hypnobirthing® Educator – Hypnobirthing® Institute
Professional Organizations:
Inspired Spirt Coaching Academy http://www.InspiredSpiritCoaching.com
Golden Key International Honour Society (LaTrobe University chapter)
Alumni (La Trobe University)
Alumni (RMIT University)
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