Affirmations or auto suggestions, are positive acceptance statments that you can use as part of your manifestation process.  Affirmations are positive thoughts and statments that you send out to the universe. Writing affirmations is a personal and powerful exercise.  All negativity needs to be eliminated.  First you must believe that you can manifest your destiny.  Then begin by choosing an intention that you would like to manifest into your life.   Your belief must be positive and powerful.  Think about how the result will FEEL, as this becomes your target feeling.  The goal of writing affirmations, is to write a statement that generates your target feeling.  Affirmations can be used to assist you to adopt new ways of thinking and to reinforce the credibility of concepts.  Use affirmations to build your self confidence, one thought at a time.

Always use the present tense or reflect on a past desired feeling that you have had rather than using the future tense.  You want to fool your mind into thinking that what you want to manifest has already happened.  Affirmations gather energy which extends outward to create change.  Use the most positive and personal terms that you can.  Your results will match the feeling you get when saying your affirmations.  Write your affirmations down, so you will remember them exactly.  There is a very strong connection of power between the mind and the pen.  Write your affirmations in your own speaking style, we all talk to ourselves in self talk all day long.  Each of us have a certain tone that we use to address our individual self.  It is this voice that we trust and believe in as it has already created our current reality.  Our mind is not easily fooled, so if you write your affirmations in a way that is anything but authentically you, you will not feel the affirmation and therefore will dismiss the message.  Keep your affirmations short and be specific.  Personalise them with your name and write from your heart so that your authentic voice reveals itself.

Always believe that what you are saying has already happened.  The greater your belief, the stronger the affirmation will be.  Being repetative and persistant is the key, and helps to set them in your unconcious mind.  Set aside a specific time of the day if you can, to affirm your affirmations, meditate and visualise.  This will set up a pattern for you, and you will more easily remember to practice them daily.  Have your affirmations where you can see them throughout the day such as on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror, on the sun visor in your car, or anywhere else where you can focus on them often.  Your unconscious mind hears and remembers every word as being reality.

The goal to change is to feel your target feeling as often as possible.  By writing affirmations that are short and specific and in your language, you increase the likelihood that you will use them often.  Remember that the more frequent you say your affirmations, the more often you will feel your target feeling.

Make your affirmations believeable.  If an affirmation makes you feel uncomfortable, like you’re telling a lie, then start your affirmation with the words “I am willing to” or “I choose to” at the beginning.  This will take your affirmation statement back a step to match your current level of belief.

Make sure that you truly do desire what you are affirming.  Affirmations should be wholly focused on your target feeling. Have fun formulating new affirmations!  Below are some ready made affirmations for you to get started with, but do change anything that doesn’t feel right for you.


My life is perfectly balanced

I live my purpose with ease and grace

Every day, in every way I am getting better and better

I have great worth just being myself

I am corageous

I am prosperous and I am a winner

I am able to overcome any challenges

My world is full of abundance

Everything is working out for my highest good

I am well prepared for any situation

The universe lovingly takes care of me and provides me with everything that I need

I love and approve of myself

I am unique, special and wonderful

I take time everyday for myself

I am open to a life filled with abundance and prosperity

I deserve to be prosperous and wealthy

Money flows to me easily and effortlessly

I love it when unexpected money flows into my life

Wealth enables me to fully express my creative potential

Money and prosperity help me to give to others

The more I give, the more I receive

I will calmly, confidantlty and joyfully handle my responsibilities today

I have balance in all areas of my life

I enjoy being paid for what I love to do

I am willing to allow my life to be fun and easy

I now deeply and completely accept myself

My dreams are coming true now

Every day in every way, I am growing richer and richer

I release my concern for how others may view me, and am always true to myself

I love my life and now trust my heart to be my guide

I now take responsibility for my thoughts and experiences

I change my life by changing my thoughts

I now relax and allow myself to be inspired

I am the fulfillment I seek

I am fearless

I love my body

I am the key to my success

I love fearlessly

I am now financially independant and free

I love my life now

I am brilliance –  I radiate brilliance and attract it into my life

I am a genius and I share my wisdom

I allow myself to relax and do what comes naturally, knowing that my thoughts are guiding my course

I am gentle with myself and others

I am the way, the truth and the light

I trust myself completely

I resist nothing, I allow the flow of life to carry me to my dreams

I am always in the right place at the right time

I am now at peace with myself

I am energetically aligned with my most comfortable and freeing physical expression

I am grateful for all that I am, all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive

I am safe, protected and divinely guided

I trust myself

I am joy

I resist nothing and allow myself to be the flow

Life is effortless for me now

I now share myself, my joy, my love and my abudance with others, knowing that what I give I receive multiplied

I am beauty – I radiate beauty and attract it into my life

Doors are opening for me now

I love myself

I love my life

I am healthy and vital

My endless good now comes to me in endless ways

I now attract only the highest vibrational people, events and things to me

All that is mine reaches me in great avalances of abundance

Joyous new ideas are circulating freely within me

I see expanding abundance for myself and others

I am an unlimited being and i can create anything I want

I am happy, healthy, wealthy, healed and wise

I believe that everything comes at the perfect time and in the perfect way

I am wildly wealthy now

I love money and money loves me

Money is drawn to me like a magnet

I speak of prosperity and success

My words uplift and inspire others

Money is magnetic and flows to me effortlessly

I am willing to accept and know that I deserve the very best life has to offer

My life glows with radiant beauty, radiant richness and radiant good

I have wealth in every area of my life

I am open to opportunities for prosperity and abundance

Write your own affirmations:

Write what is true for you.  Decide which words best reflect your goal/s.  Your words need to be emotionally charged and true for you.  Have fun experimenting and creating your own affirmations.  Here are some affirmation starters to get you going:

For the highest good, I

I acknowledge

I affirm

I allow

I am

I am abounding with

I am aware

I am willing

I can

I choose

I create

I enjoy

I follow

I fully accept

I know

I know without a doubt

I make

I own

I realise

I trust

In everyway

In this moment

Right now I

Today I

Yes I

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