It’s great if you can create a special space just for meditation.  It’s important to have simplicity to remind you of how important it is to take care of your inner self.  Perhaps you could use a particular corner of your favorite room.  As long as you are away from excess noise and disturbance, so that you have a dedicated space of peace and calmness.

Choose a regular time of the day so that meditation can become a part of your daily routine.  Making sure that you can rely on not being interrupted.  Choose a posture or position that is comfortable for you.

Set yourself a minimum time for your meditation session, even 5 or 10 minutes would be a great start.

Scan your body for any apparent areas of tension and consciously relax. Meditation is ideal for anxiety and stress release.  Take in long slow deep breaths and then slowly breathe away any limiting thoughts and stress.

Concentrate by focusing on a single object or sound, you can even use your breath as your focus point.

You will find that your attention wanders and becomes lost in memories of the past, future plans or even preoccupation with the present.  As soon as you notice your attention wandering, bring your focus back to the now.

Try not to judge yourself or become frustrated, just re-anchor your attention once more and start again.  Let thoughts just float away.  Restore your body to balance and calm your mind.

Meditate every day and see what changes in your life:

*improved health and sleep

*reduced stress and anxiety

*enhanced performance and creativity

*deep concentration and mind clarity


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