Transforming your practically magical life, one coaching session at a time.
If you are interested in starting coaching with me, please email me to express your interest.
All telephone coaching sessions are between 45 minutes – 1.5 hours duration approximately, with a follow up email summarising our call, listing your goals and reminding you of any work to be done at home before we connect the next time.
Simply purchase the coaching package that suits your needs and budget, then email me to organize a time and date to start. All coaching is to be prepaid and is quoted in Australian dollars (AUD).
Once a coaching package has been purchased, we can arrange a mutually convenient time for our coaching sessions.
I will provide you with a telephone no. to call me on, or we can connect via skype.   24 hours notice is required to reschedule a pre-arranged coaching session.
Are you ready, willing and able to be coached? Coaching is available for inspired women where together we will focus on you achieving balance in all areas of your life.  This is achieved using the  INSPIRED TO SUCCESS 12 session coaching program.
I will support you in your desired transition, assist you to identify and build on your strengths, and focus on what is working in your life. Together, we can establish compelling S*M*A*R*T/S*M*A*R*T*I*E* goals.
I will inspire you to achieve more by raising your expectation of what is possible, and motivate you to sustain your focus and steer you toward your chosen success. I am like your own cheerleader, I’m on your side and just like having your own personal trainer around the areas you wish to improve.
Your SUCCESS is my GOAL.
Life coaching takes you out of the problem and into a solution so that you can move forward. In coaching, the coach is not the expert, you the client is considered to be the expert, after all it’s your life – I’m just there to assist you to keep on track and to be the best that you can possibly be.
I would love for you to become one of my Inspired To Success private coaching clients.
Success is not an accident.  It is a deliberate and systematic process of deciding where you want to go and what it will look like when you get there.  So start taking baby steps day by day to turn these dreams into your new reality.
INSPIRED TO SUCCESS “Soul Sisters” coaching package 12 – 12 sessions – $1,200 or 3 monthly payments of $400 – three or four sessions per month.  This is a long term change/success program, where will will cover many different areas in your life.  This is the program that I live and highly recommend.
PAY AS YOU GO “Practically Magical” coaching package one – single sessions $100 per session.


Package 12 only
(3 monthly payments of $400)



key_to_success Partner with me and your inner guidance to achieve your desired results.


Prosperity principals: Attracting wealth –  hapiness and wealth comes easily to those who service others rather than focusing on themselves. The universal Law of Giving will return more to the giver than what they contribute. When you recognize the Universe as being the source of your supply, money will begin to flow. Money itself will not make you secure. Security comes from the knowledge that the Universe has the power to provide you with all that you will ever need. Many people only associate prosperity with financial wealth, but true riches come in many forms. As well as material wealth, there is also love, family, helath and vitality, friendship and spiritual wealth. For prosperity to touch your life there is one major step, giving leads to receiving. You must clear your mind and home space of clutter and negative emotions. The Universe abhors a vacuum, and in forming this vacuum, you will allow good things to take up that space. Forgive others, in forgiving you free yourself to allow the prosperity floodgates to open. In order to receive more money, you must demonstrate to the Universe that you are able to successfully manage the money you already have, no matter how small that amount may presently be. If you are low on money, praise and bless what you have, then imagine it growing larger. By blessing both what you have and what others have, this will put the Law of Increase into motion. By creating mental pictures of you desires, you are fulfilling your unique promise to bring these things into being. Whatever you put your attention on through thought and desire, the Law of Attraction will bring to you. The creation process involves asking the Universe and being crystal clear about what it is you want. Believe, act and speak as though you have already received what you have asked for. This will set up the necessary vibration for your desire to manifest. Feel extremely GRATEFUL always for all that you already have in your life. Elevate your mood and feeling to increase your vibration. Gratitude is the key to living an abundant life. Gratitude puts you in a state of mind which attracts even more of what you are grateful for. Love, appreciation and thanks are the essence of prosperity. It is a wonderful quality to be a giver but you must also learn to be a grateful receiver.


I specialise in working with positive, inspired women who are new to coaching and/or universal laws. Does this sound just like you? If you answered yes, then we are a perfect coaching match. Let’s get started.


Life coaching is solutions based with the goal of encouraging, assisting and empowering you to determine and achieve your own formulated personal goals/outcomes. This is achieved through expanding your awareness, designing supportive environments and enspiring growth. You are the creator and source of your own life. Life coaching is about finding out what really matters and makes a difference to you in your life. It is also about experiencing the profound fulfillment you desire. Life coaching is about seizing the power within you, then using it to design your dream life. Always celebrate your success along the path of your journey, no matter how small or large. Coaching is a great way to create transformation in your life.


Life coaching is not therapy or counselling, and does not focus on analysing the past. Life coaching does not diagnose conditions and life coaches are not qualified to and do not work with people who have a psychological or mental health illness.


Women of all ages work with me. Typically, I work with inspired women, new to coaching and universal laws, who wish to increase their prosperity or acheive and maintain weight loss. My business is global, which means I can work with any english speaking woman anywhere in the world. I love being able to connect with women from different cultures and backgrounds. We both learn from each other, all we need is a telephone to connect. This saves you time and money on not having to travel anywhere, being in the comfort of your own home, free of distractions and therefore better able to focus on your coaching session.


The role of the coach is to encourage and support you through empowerment, to come up with your own ideas of how a situation should be, and work towards that. We can do this by formulating SMART goals – specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time framed goals to keep you on track. Life coaching keeps you accountable and can assist you to clarify different aspects of your life. Coaches also give you honest feedback. Coaching is a partnership, that holds you accountable to your vision. As your thoughts are the building blocks of your actions, you need to have the willingness to think outside of the square. Life coaching will provide you with an unbiased outside perspective, reflecting back to you what is seen, enabling you to gain a new understanding of your situation, and empowering you to make positive changes.


Did you know that the most successful people in the world partner with a life coach. And coaches themselves all mentor with another coach. Ask yourself these questions: Do I acknowledge that a gap exists between where I currently am and where I want to be? Am I prepared to take inspired action to learn and grow? Am I ready to achieve more in life? Am I ready to be the best I can be? Am I committed to improve a certain area of my life? Am I ready to move beyond my existing beliefs? As your coach, I will become your coaching partner on your new path in life. As your coach, I will work with you to create a vision of your ideal life.


Be more confidant and focused with your life.
Develop clarity about your goals and have a greater vision.
Enhance your health, wellnes and vitality.  
Learn to appreciate yourself.  
Have a wider understanding of yourself and others.  
Develop peace of mind.  
Set goals and achieve them.  
Realise you are not alone with your particular issue.
Eliminate self doubt and stop procrastinating.  
Communicate effectively and powerfully.


Be prepared by coming to each coaching with a positive mindset. Be crystal clear about what you want to achieve and believe that you will achieve your goal/s. Be ready, willing, able and committed to coaching.


Whatever we discuss during your coaching call is confidential. Successful coaching requires us to have a partnership based upon trust. It would be unethical of a coach to discuss a clients information with anyone else. As I am certified as a life coach with the Inspired Sprit Coaching Academy, I abide by the Academy’s code of ethics.


Life coaching gains inspiration from sociology, psychology, philosophy, personal development, spirituality and counseling. Coaching is quite new, and although it is a recognised discipline, it is self regulating. Coaching methods may include assessment, goal setting, mentoring, inquiry, reflection and discussion to assist you in identifying your goals, developing strategies and plans of action to then support you in being the best you can be. Effecting change in your thinking and feeling, that will impact on your overall goal.
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