Get Uncomfortable


Many people never leave their comfort zone unless forced to do so.  When confronted with a major life change, our routines are shattered and we are then treading unfamiliar waters.  These upheavels can actually result in unexpected positive outcomes.  You will be gaining new experiences, meeting new people and gaining new knowledge and skills, all whilst strengthening different parts of yourself.  Here’s how to take control of the unknown:

Manage your fear: 

Feel the fear, then do it anyway.  Some life experiences can heighten your worst fears.  Fear really just is false evidence appearing real or fantasised events appearing real.  Don’t let worse case scenarios play in your head, replace them with images and thoughts that support and strengthen your goals.  Visualise the outcome that you want to happen. 

Write up a pros and cons (benefits and drawbacks) list:

The more information you have at hand, the better you will feel.  Draw up a pros and cons list relating to making change, this will help to alleviate confusion and evaluate your situation.  You will be satisfying your logical mind by doing this.

Tune into your intuition:

Intuition can help us to push past the familiar and safe.  You know that feeling of knowing you’re meant to do something even if you can’t explain why.  If your decision is taking you out of your comfort zone, then you need to feel confidant that it is the right one.

Build resilience:

Have you ever taken a small risk and then wished you hadn’t?  There are still advantages.  You will be automatically expanding your comfort zone.  This means that even if you find out something doesn’t work, you will know what to do next time.  It gives you a chance to explore what works best for you.




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