Prosperity principals:

Attracting wealth:  hapiness and wealth comes easily to those who service others rather than focusing on themselves.  The universal Law of Giving will return more to the giver than what they contribute.  When you recognize the Universe as being the source of your supply, money will begin to flow.  Money itself will not make you secure.  Security comes from the knowledge that the Universe has the power to provide you with all that you will ever need.

Many people only associate prosperity with financial wealth, but true riches come in many forms.  As well as material wealth, there is also love, family, helath and vitality, friendship and spiritual wealth.  For prosperity to touch your life there is one major step, giving freely without an expectation of receiving anything in return, must then lead you to  receiving more.

You must clear your mind and home space of clutter and negative emotions.  The Universe abhors a vacuum, and in forming this vacuum, you will allow good things to take up that vacant space.   Forgive others, as in forgiving you free yourself  to allow the prosperity floodgates to open.  In order to receive more money, you must demonstrate to the Universe that you are able to successfully manage the money you already have, no matter how small that amount may presently be.  If you are low on money, praise and bless what you have, then imagine it growing larger.  By blessing both what you have and what others have, this will put the Law of Increase into motion.

By creating mental pictures of you desires, you are fulfilling your unique promise to bring these things into being.  Whatever you put your attention on through thought and desire, the Law of Attraction will bring to you.  The creation process involves asking the Universe and being crystal clear about what it is you want.  Believe, act and speak as though you have already received what you have asked for.  This will set up the necessary vibration for your desire to manifest.  Feel extremely GRATEFUL always for all that you already have in your life, no matter how small those things may be.

Elevate your mood and feeling to increase your vibration.  You can achieve this by doing something that makes you feel good such as playing your favourite music, taking a walk in nature or along the beach.

Gratitude is the key to living an abundant life.  Gratitude puts you in a state of mind which attracts even more of what you are grateful for.  Love, appreciation and thanks are the essence of prosperity.  It is a wonderful quality to be a giver but you must also learn to be a grateful receiver.

On your path to wealth creation, consider the following.  Money is an energy and it prefers to spend time with people who respect, cherish and love it.  Money is magnetic and always flows in and out as in the Law of Rythym.  Always live beneath your means.  Try saving all the coins that are left in you wallet at the end of the day, it’s amazing how quickly they add up.  Silver coins could be used to donate to a charity.  Gold coins could be banked in a special wealth creation or debt reduction bank account.  Debt is an illusion that you have more financial wealth than what you really have, and debt really is a form of poverty as it restricts your choices and options.  As your debt increases your choices and options are eliminated.  As you decrease your debt, you get back some of your choices and options.  If you constantly depend upon debt to get what you want, you are digging a deeper financial hole for yourself that will become more and more difficult to get out of.  Making decisions based on desires rather than on your bank baance is empowering.


Meditation is an ancient method of achieving tranquillity and calmness.  It helps you to find an inner calmness, depth and wisdom and allows you to develop your own potential.  Meditation is a response for the universal desire for oneness, freedom and wisdom.  It can be the path for seeking spiritual renewal, wellbeing and an enriched life quality.  Meditation is in the now, a present moment direct personal experience.  What ever is happening in the moment is the start of your path to calmness, peace and understanding.

Some core values of meditation are:

Attention – establishing ourselves in the present moment with simplicity and focus.

Awareness – developing a light, unburdened, clear and sensitive consciousness.

Understanding – your actions, speech, relationships and beliefs to gain a deeper wisdom.

Compassion – the foundation on which we build love, integrity, and respect into our lives.

Meditation is the starting point on a journey of transformation.  It can awaken you and bring change by an increase in compassion, clarity and understanding.  Your mind will become clearer, calmer and you become more intuitive and have a greater depth of understanding and compassion.  The art of simplicity is learned.  This transformation on a personal level, increases skillfulness, wisdom and care.

Choices, relationships and events will become guided with sensitivity, mindfulness and calm.  Feelings of oneness, grace, deep concentration, peace and unity will appear.  You may think more clearly, your intuition will deepen, you will become more creative and experience inner calmness and harmony.

So how do I meditate?   Be willing to learn, have patience, openness and acceptance and have the inspiration to begin again in every moment.  Create a time regularly that will be dedicated to meditation, as a reliable part of your daily routine.  Remain focused and dedicated and create a meditation space, free from disturbance and excess noise.  Choose a comfortable posture, perhaps siting with an upright back or lying down.  Relax your body, eyes closed.  Set a meditation timeframe and stick to it.  Take long, slow deep breathes, then begin.  Slow down your thoughts, simplify your mind by concentrating.  Practice concentration by focusing on a single object.  This could be a visual object, a sound or your own breathing.  The intent is to create undivided attentiveness.  If your mind becomes lost and wandering, refocus on your object.  Keep returning to this focus whenever your mind wanders.  An untrained mind in attentiveness, will make you aware of the relentless nature of thought.  Practice daily for your set time and in the same space.  Remember as the song goes “SILENCE IS GOLDEN”.

Mantras are often a single phrase from the scriptures which represent the desire to be awakened and liberated.  It should be meaningful so the repitition does not become a habit.  A mantra is sometimes chanted aloud or sometimes repeated silently.   Om is often a single sound which is used, or you could even say a word such as “relax”. We celebrate and remember the divine by consciously and mindfully repeating the mantra.  it is this remembrance and reflection which makes the mantra into a devotional practice.


Creating a vision board or a vision book can turn your emotional and subconscious desires into reality.  The universal Law of Attraction, states that we attract into our life anything that we focus our attention on, positive or negative.  Creating a vision board or vision book can assist you in paying attention to certain things in your environment that are positive and in vibration with your goal or vision for your life.  A vision board or book is a visual representation of the things you want to have, be or do in your life.  It consists of either a board or book, decorated with cut out pictures, drawings, writing, symbols etc; of the things you want to attract into your life, or the things you want to become.  When you surround yourself with these images, your life changes to match those images and desires.  Vision boards and books help to bring clarity to your dreams and desires.


Your vision board or book is only limited by the extent of your creativity.  However, having loads of artistic ability is certainly not a prerequisite.  You will need to get in touch with your ability to to turn your emotional and subconscious desires into visual reality.  Think about your objectives, and ask yourself what it is you want.  Images may just come into your head.  Each picture on/in your vision board or book should evoke a positive emotional response from you.  The actual sight of your vision board or book should make you feel really happy and encourage you to achieve it every time you look at it.  If you make a vision board, strategically place it where it has maximum exposure.

Negative feelings, self sabotage and criticism, can damage the delicate energy that your vision board or vision book emits.  If you don’t want significant others that you live with making negative comments about your vision board, then I would suggest you make a vision book instead, infact this is what I myself use for that very reason.  Place your vision book in a private location, but remember to look throught it daily.  You could make this a ritual before bed each night.


Gather old magazines and have loads of fun cutting out pictures, words, symbols and headlines.  Magazines are great as the paper is glossy.  Make sure your pictures and text resonate with your hearts desire and the sight of these images excite you.  Be sure to include anything that is in line with you achieving your goals and the impact the desired outcome will have for you.  Get rid of any pictures that no longer feel they fit with your desired outcomes.  This is where you are going with how your intuition feels for you.  You can assign themes to your board, or sections to your book.  For example you could have themes or headings such as health, career, travel, family, friends, business and finances.  You can use whatever headings or themes that work for you.  If you have a vision board, try placing a photo of yourself in the centre with all desired sections around you.  You can even write on your board or in your book if you feel that your own words would better resonate with your emotions.  Your aim is to by emotionally charged and really excited about your images.  Really feel what it would be like if those images were an actual part of your life.  Being able to visualise and feel your dreams becoming reality is what makes this process work.   Your vision board or book is merely a tool to remind you.


Your vision board/book must inspire you and recharge your passion each time you view it.  This is how you progress closer towards your goal.  If you feel your passion lessening, and the images not having as much emotional impact as they did to start with, update your pictures and let them grow with you.

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