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How to Raise Your Prosperity Vibration when everything is Falling Apart

When things aren’t going to plan, when you feel the world is conspiring against you, when you’re knee deep in challenges (money, work, relationships – anything at all – but let’s focus on money today) the first thing you need to do is just STOP.

Take a breath and know the best thing you can do for yourself, is let go of the fear. The fear that you don’t have the money you want, the fear that you will never have enough money to live the way you truly want. The fear that you don’t know how to get it. The fear that when you get it, it will just disappear again. You need to let that all go. I’ve got lots of great processes and tools that let me release the fear and step back into my powerful marvelous manifesting self, but today I want to share with you one of the easiest ways I know.

After you’ve taken your big deep breath in, connect to the reality that you ARE an infinite, unlimited being of light. Really connect to that. Know that nothing is real, it’s all made up of tiny vibrating energy packets and we create our world second by second. We do that through what we focus on. So if you don’t have the money you want right now, if the bills are mounting, if the cash flow has dried up, business is floundering, instead of worrying, thinking, talking and stressing and generally focusing on how bad it is (and by doing so, using your amazing power as a creator to create more money challenges)… STOP and know that you have direct access to the Universe, beaming down at you as love and light.

Imagine this sparkling, illuminated, glistening white light coming in through the top of your head and flowing through your entire body, filling every cell of your being. Know that the Universe wants more for you than you could ever want for yourself, and in this moment feel safe, supported, divinely guided and loved. Really feel that, connect to that, believe that, accept that. And breathe that in.

It’s important for you to understand, that whether or not you are aware of this white light, it is beaming down to and through you every single second of your life. And as this white light flows though you, it connects to your emotions, your thoughts, your vibration and then aligns with those things you are putting the most focus and energy on, and then creates those things in your world. So as you go through your day, know that every time you have a thought that ‘proves’ to you that you don’t have the money you want, instantly switch that thought around. Remember you create each second as you go.

So for instance, if you get a bill for $1000 and you don’t have the money to pay it, instead of going into fear, connect with the white light and the power of the Universe, and imagine how delicious it would be to not only have that $1000, but an extra $10,000 in the bank as well. See that, feel that, connect to that, be at one with that, vibrationally align with that.

YOU are in control of your life; YOU have your hands on the wheel, so turn your ship around! When I was $100,000 in debt and on welfare, it felt like I was trying to turn the Titanic – but I didn’t give up, so don’t you dare give up either.

YOU are a miracle, YOU get to re-create your world second by second, YOU just need to breathe, let go of the fear, connect to the white light and then consciously focus on what you DO want.

Happy manifesting!


2015 Wildly Wealthy Pty Ltd

Article by Prosperity mentor Sandy Forster whose passion is helping women around the world discover how to create success and abundance in their business and life. Get your FREE Audio “Top 10 Tips for Prosperity” at www.WildlyWealthy.com


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