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selfnurtureWe all need to take care of ourselves so that we can care for others.

Well being really encompasses four different areas which are Mental (thinking), Physical (doing), Emotional (feeling) and Spiritual (being).

Consider creative activities like meditation, deep breathing, relaxation, visualisation, spiritual practice, time spent in nature – beach, country, mountains etc. and spend time outside especially walking and this is when you can think through things and gain more clarity over issues.

Consciously practice at least one self care activity daily to foster a healthy, happy and well balanced life.

Shift you thoughts to uplifting, positive thinking. You need to take responsibility for your own thoughts. If your thoughts are negative, you will feel down. So change your thoughts to change the way you feel, and watch what you can attract into your life.

Take responsibility for monitoring your personal and professional stressors. Remove negative people and situations from your life whenever possible and spend more time with positive people who uplife and support you. We are thought to be the average of the five people we spend most of our time with, so make your choices good ones.

Eat a healthy, nutritious and colourful diet – eat a rainbow of coloured foods everyday, lots of bright coloured fruit and vegetables will make you feel amazing. Be mindful about what you are putting into your body as your body is your temple. Without your health you really have nothing and we don’t usually think too much about our health until something goes wrong, it’s then often too late and we can never turn back the hands of time.Drink lots of fresh water to keep your body and brain hydrated.

Exercise regularly to increase your body’s physical ability.

Get an adequate amount of restful sleep each night so that your body is resting and restoring.

Foster healthy personal and professional relationships which are supportive and where you can just be yourself.

Be humourous to decrease stress by releasing endorphins – our bodies own natural analgesia.

Set routines and limits at home and in the workplace.

Take self care me time in the evenings and on weekends – you deserve it. Spend this time doing something that you love to do.

Stay happy and keep smiling. Your everyday life existance is someone else’s dream.

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